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ollo 4G Speed Graph

Current Internet

55% Complete Download
22% Complete Upload
33% Complete Video stream
56% Complete Voice stream
256 kbps
512 kbps
1 mbps
2 mbps

ollo Internet

80% Complete Download
60% Complete Upload
45% Complete Video stream
80% Complete Voice stream
5 mbps
10 mbps
15 mbps
20 mbps

Ollo LTE Supported Devices

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ollo Recharge Location

ollo Recharge Locations

To make your top-up convenient we are present at your nearest retail store. We have several stores in our coverage areas like- Jessore, from where you can top-up your Ollo account. While top-up, give your mobile number to the retailer. You will get a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address of your top-up.
So, choose your nearest location & make your top-up now to keep the fun shining with Ollo 4G LTE.

ollo 4G LTE Package

Starter kit

998 Taka
uSIM card
Usage Validity
10 GB (free) 30 Days
* This offer is valid for limited period.

Latest ollo News Flash

ollo Real 4G LTE Network Started

Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd brand name “Ollo” is ready to launch the all new 4G LTE first time ever in Bangladesh.
LTE (Long Term Evolution), introduced by 3FPP, is the access part of the Evolved Packet System (EPS). The basic requirements for the new access network are high spectral efficiency, high peak data rates, short round trip time as well as flexibility on frequency and bandwidth.
The basic advantages of LTE over existing connections would be higher speed up to 150mbps, lower latency, higher throughput and a matured ecosystem. “To meet the unquenchable thirst of the internet users of these days of information technology, Ollo is going to launch 4G LTE initially on trial basis in few selected locations around the capital soon”, said an official of Ollo.
“We understand and value the notion of the new generations, so we are providing this ultrafast technology with a USIM so that they can use this in their mobile phone as well as in other devices like router to connect with internet ’’, said the Chief Executive Officer of Ollo in a press briefing. Users will get several lucrative offers with the designed packages, he added.
Now it’s time to welcome a brand new technology in Bangladesh through Ollo since the demand of using internet is increasing drastically around the country to cope with the current globe.

Ollo has started 4G LTE

Today Bangladesh Internet Exchange Limited (BIEL) - brand name Ollo has started 4G LTE network in Jessore.
On that occasion, along with many honorable personnel of Jessore, Ollo’s higher management- Mr Igor Grakovich( chief executive officer), Mr. Volodymyr Maksymchuk ( Chief Financial officer), Mr. Mizanur Rahman( Chief Technical Officer), Mr Niaz Islam( head of Commercial) were present and shared various information with each other. Ollo management also spoke with all journalists regarding their plans & activities for further phase.
Most of the vital areas of Jessore city are covered by Ollo 4G LTE network. Ollo 4G has bought uSIM card for its LTE customers that means any user with LTE supported handset or devices can use this network by configuring this SIM in the devices. .......