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General questions, devices and setup

What is Ollo Wireless Internet?
Ollo is the new brand, offering high speed wireless internet service in Bangladesh operating on the 3.5 GHz frequency.

What is the speed of Ollo Ambassador package?
For the Ambassador package, your browsing speed is 512kbps or better, download speed is 64KBPS or better and upload speed is 16KBPS or better.

What is Dongle (AX326)?
It's a Wireless USB Modem for internet connection. Learn more..

What is Cradle (SX361)?
The Wireless cradle is like a remote antenna, it is not a modem itself. It has one USB port to connect with a dongle to help receive better signal. Learn more..

Why do I need a Cradle or how does it work?
The cradle is needed for those areas, where RF signal is poor. It should be operated with a dongle (AX326) for high signal reception.

Do subscribers need to install any software to operate a Dongle?
Yes, you need to install WCM (Wireless Connection Manager), which is preloaded inside the dongle and it is plug & play.

Do subscribers need to install any software to operate a Cradle?
No, the cradle acts as a remote antenna only for dongles and can be operated with the dongle's software.

Do subscribers need a user ID & Password for authentication?
No, we are offering you a smart service, where you don't need to remember/use any user ID and password for get connectivity.

Warranty, support and hardware requirements

Do the subscriber get any warranty for our products?
Yes, each product has 12 months warranty from date of purchase, and the conditions are mentioned on Warranty Card inside the box.

What do I need to enjoy Ollo services?
You need a Desktop / Laptop Ollo Modem and you must be within Ollo Coverage area.

Do the devices have any storage memory so that subscriber can use it like a pen drive?
No, it has no memory for data storage.

Can subscribers use one or more computers simultaneously by using a USB Modem?
No, one USB Modem is for one computer.

Which operating systems and devices does Ollo support?
Ollo Modem can be used with most computers and commonly used operating systems.

If subscriber faces any problem with our device or connection, how may he/she get help from us?
Please contact with our customer care (agents) for your assistance. You may submit your feedback from our home page.


Can I have more than one Ollo account/subscription?
Yes. You can have more than one Ollo account/subscription.

How long would I need to wait for my Ollo services to be activated?
Your Ollo service will be activated within 24 hours.

Is the Ollo connection secure to maintain privacy?
Yes it is highly secured by our technology.

Can I use Ollo services anywhere?
Yes! You can enjoy Ollo services anywhere within our coverage area with ease.

How will I be billed?
This service is Pre-Paid, so that we do not send you a bill.

Where can I see my bill?
This service is Pre-Paid, no need to check bills.

Can I receive my monthly invoice via regular mail?
This is a Pre-Paid service there are no monthly bills.

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