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Indoor (IX380 Wireless Indoor Modem)

It is a plug and play Indoor wireless modem to use Ollo Wireless network at your home & Work place. It has both Wired & WiFi connectivity to serve you. So, you have the freedom to choose RJ-45 cable or Wi-Fi or both to use this modem. Multiple users can use a single Indoor modem to access internet using wire or wireless. Maximum 2 users can connect with RJ-45 cable and 10 users with Wi-Fi simultaneously. You can use it within 350 meter from Ollo base station.

Peak downlink data rate upto 30Mbps & uplink data rate upto 6Mbps.

Technical specs

  • Dimension: 176 x 118 x 30 mm (Excluding the Height of Antenna)
  • Weight: 450 g
  • 2 LAN port, 2 RJ-11 port, Wi-Fi
  • 5 LED lights on Front Panel (1 Power LED, 1 Wireless Connectivity, 1 Wi-Fi, 2 RJ-11)
  • All Windows, Mac OS, LINUX platform
Cost: BDT 7,071.

*Note: All prices are inclusive of 4% VAT.

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